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Used Rolls Royce - A Rolls Royce Tale

I would like to tell you a story. I don't know if it is true, but it is a story that I was told once, which came from a friend of a friend of a friend, and it is a story that I love regardless of its point of origin. It is a car story, a story of life and love, and one of those tiny little tales that gives you a dose of inspiration whenever you may need it.

The story starts in London, probably many years ago. The day is rainy, and the cold and the damp cuts through to the bone. Pedestrians skitter from doorway to doorway, umbrellas and newspapers clutched above their heads, and long skirts lifted to avoid dragging through the puddles. People stand by the sides of the road, trying to sell papers and strange toys (3 for a pound) out of roll along buggies, whilst trying to shelter under the tiny tin roofs.

On of the people dodging and weaving his way through the crowds and the never ending downpour is a young man, of about 20. We shall call him Bill. Bill is dressed smartly, although one corner of his shirt has come un-tucked, and sticks awkwardly out from underneath his oversized blazer. The is a tall lad, and thin, and as such he slips easily through the crowd launch x431 pro mini, navigating little old ladies and bicycles like he has been doing it all his life.

When he reaches his destination, Bill pauses, and drags a shiny key out of his pocket. The destination, which would never have been predicated by the other peoples thundering down the street, is a sleek vintage used Rolls-Royce, with the Spirit of Ecstasy dancing spritely on the hood. After fumbling with the key, and removing his jacket, he finally pulls open the door and slips into the drivers seat, where he sits for a few moments in the quiet, so dry and calm in comparison to the furious world outside.

Of course, Bill can't afford the luxury of time, or he wouldn't have been rushing so fast, and as such he moment is repose is fleeting, followed quickly with a rough dry and tidy of his shock of red hair, and an efficient mopping up of any errant drips. As he pulls out of the space, you can see pedestrians looking at him, surprised that this regal car belongings to one so young.

Of course, the car isn't his, but his employers, and this is Bills job. It is strangely luxurious for such little pay, and his responsibility is simply to navigate the streets and alleyways possible to get his boss to the beautiful regency destinations as fast as is possible. On this occasion, however, all doesn't go well. Just as he pulls the car out into the road, with a gentle powerful roar, something happens. The world goes quiet for a second, and then something crashes into the side of him at full pelt.

The Rolls is a safe car Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, but even so the power of the impact sends it hurtling sideways, and for Bill the effect is like the air suddenly glistens. The world is still silent to him, but eventually he stops shaking and can look around himself. The air, glistening still, won't seem to calm down, and it is some time before he realises that what is sparkling isn't some strange virtual effect, but actually a crowd of diamonds, scattered over every surface.

The diamonds, it was eventually decided, came from the roof of the car, where it seemed that they had been stored for many a year, unknown of by the owner. There were roughly 100 in total, although the original number was never decided. After all, the boy disappeared shortly after the crash, and wouldn't have been found unless they had looked at sunny Spain, and a beach front villa with a beautiful new Rolls-Royce outside, and a red headed boy living life in the lap of luxury…

Lauren Cooke is a writer and a car enthusiast. She currently writes for the automotive industry. Here she discusses Used Rolls Royce cars.
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